Egg Hunt Training

Egg hunt training

I walked by some plastic Easter eggs at the grocery store a few days ago and decided to buy them. My plan was I’d use them to help my 16-month-old learn to hunt for Easter eggs in preparation for the egg hunt on Saturday.

Yes, I know it’s ridiculous that I wanted to train my baby in egg-hunting.

But, she’ll be in a group of kids up to 3-years-old. This way, she’ll have a shot at holding her own!

Once we got home, I put a little piece of cereal in each egg—trying to be all clever, by not giving her candy. I put them in front of her. It didn’t take long for her to figure out that there was a goodie inside.

So then I placed them in fairly obvious places near her. I wouldn’t say she hunted for them, but as she noticed them, she opened them and ate the piece of cereal. Awesome—that’s a successful first day.

I started to put the plastic eggs away.

She got excited when I got to the last two, though, and reached for them. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to let her “hunt” for those two eggs, one more time.

When we were done, I went to put them in the top drawer, by the fridge, where the others were. But the others weren’t there. Where did I put them? I checked the other drawers. Not there.

I checked the top drawer again—still not there.

Great. Now, I need to hunt for Easter eggs.


Happy holiday weekend to all who are celebrating a holiday this weekend!


  1. M2 says:

    Ha Ha! I thought I was the only one – “where did I put it” is the repeating refrain that runs through my life!

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