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Welcome to Mama Lovejoy!

Mama Lovejoy is a blog sharing many mothers’ struggles, surprises and realizations along their journey through motherhood. Many of us—myself included—have said, “I wish I’d known ___”, so many times as new parents. Well, I’ve now interviewed dozens of parents and shared what they wish they’d known, to hopefully help you avoid some challenges, or to at least let you know you’re not alone. These parents’ inspirational true stories remind us that although we make some unexpected parenting decisions, and we encounter challenges we’d never even heard of, everything turns out fine.

I’m also interviewing pediatric and postpartum experts, so I can share articles with tips from the pros. I want to be sure you have credible info you can count on. So far some of the experts I’ve interviewed have included:

  • Ann Reed, MD, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics from Duke University
  • Robert Gall, MD, Director of Neonatology from St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • Jennison Salata, PhD, Pediatric Psychologist and Clinical Instructor at UCLA
  • Jennifer Evans, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Women’s Health Clinical Specialist
  • Dr. Darshana Lele, PhD, Director of Psychology and Counselor at Art Center College of Design

I’m planning to interview 100 people then I’m going to wrap it all up into a book. So stay tuned and share my laughs, lessons, and tears, along the way.