14 Father’s Day Ideas from Real Moms

DAD pics

Yes, Father’s Day is this Sunday. Need ideas for the special dad(s) in your life? Don’t you dare start shopping for ties or another “World’s Best Dad” mug. Here are a few ideas moms sent in that may help you to make this an extra-special one for your child’s father, your father, or whomever you’re celebrating this year:

  1. Take photos of your child holding words or letters: Leslie took three pictures of her son, saying, “I love Grandpa”, with one word in each picture. A variation on this is to take pictures of the child holding a letter (available at Michael’s or Joanne’s) in each picture spelling D-A-D or L-O-V-E.
  2. Make him a nice dinner: Becca knows that her husband loves to grill steak and salmon, so she’s planning on having both for dinner… she jokes that he’ll get to cook dinner for himself, but he loves to grill, so really it’s a winning choice for both of them.
  3. Get him a gag gift: You are a zillion options online, like a DADD shirt (Dad’s Against Daughters Dating) or speakers for his cell phone that say, “Guns don’t kill people, dads with pretty daughters do”. One mom, Marcia found a set of matching hammers for her husband, dad and step dad that say, “Dads know a lot, but Grandpas know everything.
  4. Get him something he needs: Betsy is getting her husband handlebars to a bike, which she know he needs and wants.
  5. Treat your baby’s father and his dad: Diane is sending her husband and his dad to the shooting range, then she and her mom are sending them to get massages.
  6. Let him take a trip solo: Danielle is letting her husband take a fishing trip for 5 days, while she stays home and watches their daughter.
  7. Take a trip with him: Dorothy’s husband has been wanting to drive out to see his parents—a 7-hour drive from their home. She’s packing up their son and dog, this weekend, to head out to see the in-laws.
  8. Feed him something delicious: Sam is baking her husband’s favorite cake and dinner for him, and she plans to also give him a heart-felt card.
  9. Spend time together as a family: Kaley asked her husband what he wants and he just said time together with their son and her. She’s planning a family trip to the local ice cream store.
  10. Take him to a sports game: Candace shared that there’s a minor league baseball game, every year in Albuquerque, which is a really fun way to spend Father’s day.
  11. Give him a family photo: Kim just had professional pictures done for their new addition announcement, and she plans to print one and give it to him in a frame. She’s also giving him bookends he wanted from the Getty Museum store.
  12. Wrap his gift in photo wrapping paper: Kelly ordered wrapping paper with pictures of their child on it (from Shutterfly).
  13. Get outdoors: In addition to giving him a small gift, Kim plans to take her husband and her family on a paddle boat ride.
  14. Make a hand print card: Donna used white paint on her daughter’s hand to create a hand print on a piece of green construction paper. In the card, she wrote a sweet note from her daughter to her husband, saying, “This is my hand. My hand will do 1000 things with you. And you will remember when I am tall, that once my hand was just this small. Happy Father’s Day.”



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