Want a Clean House? Get Your Running Shoes.

cleaning toddler

When you have a new baby, cleaning the house is a logistical question—can I do this with one hand? Can I do this with her in a carrier? Will she stay happy in her swing for 10 minutes? But when you have a toddler, it’s a race.

As I’m washing dishes, my 15-month-old shakes her sippy cup of water splashing it all over. I clean it up with a paper towel.

I attempt to wash dishes, but she starts to climb into the dishwasher, reaching for the silverware. There are knives in there.

I get her down, and she grabs a paper towel. It’s interesting enough to keep her in one spot and it doesn’t look like it will hurt her, so, I’m letting that be. I finish putting away the dishes, but she’s now shredded the paper towel all over the floor.

Hmmm, was that progress?

I clean up the paper towel, while she unloads all of the toys from the storage bin. I realize, the question is—am I cleaning faster than she’s making a new mess?

Then, while I (try to) wash bottles, she races toward the staircase to climb it. I catch her as she’s about four stairs up.

Back upstairs, as I’m about to clean the counters, she makes a hungry sound. I give her some peas and carrots in an orange plastic bowl. I already stuck her high chair in the closet, so I put her bowl on the floor. I clean the counters, look up, and of course the peas and carrots are all over the floor.

I’ve been cleaning all morning, am I making progress?

Then, our dog, Bigfoot, enters the room. He eats the peas and carrots. Good dog!!

I grab a baby carrier, put the mess-maker in there and quickly vacuum and mop about ¼ of the floor. Ha! I’m declaring it clean. Yay.

The moral? Clean fast. Have a dog that eats veggies. Pray he doesn’t get sick from them. Ugh.. or just give up on cleaning for a few years.


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