Dear my sweetheart daughter who’s about to have her world rocked by a new baby:


Today will be our last day solo, just Mommy and Savannah. Tomorrow, Grammy gets into town and with a little luck our new baby will be here very soon. You and I have spent time together one-on-one almost every day for nearly three years now. I’ve absolutely treasured that time. But things are about to change.

You proudly tell your friends and teachers, “Mommy is having a baby in her tummy”… Or sometimes just, “Mommy is having a baby” (which gets some pretty alarmed looks out of people). You hug and kiss my tummy. But you see that with my big belly, I can’t carry you, or run with you, or get to the floor like I used to.

You invite the baby to play with you. You offer him or her food before you even take a bite. You’ve held two very young babies recently, and you’ve been so gentle and sweet. I couldn’t be more proud of you. You’re going to be an amazing big sister. But how will you feel about this new role? Heartbroken, because of me having to spend time with this new little person?

Having a sibling is such a joy. You see how close I am with my brother. If you’re nice to your younger sibling, they can be a best friend for your whole life. They can be a play buddy and you can teach them about the world. They will probably want to be just like you—wanting your toys, wanting to dress like you, wanting to do whatever you’re doing, and so on.

And, this may drive you crazy.

You may not want to share your toys. You definitely won’t want to share Mommy’s time and attention—you’re my snuggle girl.

Starting in a few days, Mommy’s going to have to split her attention between two kids. You’re not going to be the center of the universe. You’ll cry and I won’t always be able to come running right away. We’ll have to both try so hard just to get a few minutes of one-on-one time in a day and when we get it, I’ll probably be exhausted.

Your world is about to be rocked. You seem to understand the baby, but I know that you still really have no idea what’s coming. Hey, neither do I. I promise I believe this will be a really good thing, if you’re willing to be the sweet, loving big sister you already are.

But your world is about to be rocked. As excited as I am about this new baby, I’m a little sad too, for what this will mean to you, especially in the beginning. You’re going to have to watch mommy’s time and attention that was yours going to this baby. I’m so sorry. I still will always love you to the moon and back. No matter what.

And, we have today.




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